Sports massage is a type of therapeutic massage geared towards athletes to prepare their bodies for optimal performance on the playing field or to reduce strain post game. In addition, massage is becoming a key element of any good workout. Have you thought about how you might benefit from a sports massage but you’re not quite sure what it entails? We’ve written a post just for you that will explain all of the perks of a sports massage, and while you might want to consider adding it your agenda sometime soon.

Endless Benefits

Incorporating massage into your daily regimen has boundless benefits, like faster weight loss with less sore or stiff muscles, recover more quickly from strenuous workouts and relieves strain that could lead to possible injury. Sports massage also leads to an increased range of motion and overall muscle health, as well as increases blood flow to maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen coming through your body.

“What Does Exercise Do To My Body?”

In moderation, exercise can increase your overall feeling of wellness and vigor. It can decrease psychological depression and stress when executed correctly, and also increases blood flow.

Sometimes after vigorous exercise, your body will be stiff and sore. Massage can actually lessen this for you if done at the right time. Heavily exercised muscles may be prone to losing their capacity to relax, which leads to chronically tight muscles and spasms as well as a loss of flexibility.

Trigger and Stress Points

Trigger and stress points can also be a leading cause of muscle soreness and decreased flexibility. A trigger point almost resembles a bruise in that directly applied pressure on a muscle or tendon can be painful, and the pain may radiate to the area surrounding the trigger or stress point. Trigger points can be caused by sudden trauma to a certain area, or by prolonged, repetitive use of the same muscle group. Trigger points can be relieved by both trigger point therapy (neuromuscular therapy) and active isolated stretching.

Types of Sports Massage

There are actually a lot of options when it comes to what type of Sports Massage you are interested in giving a try. If you’re looking for a more intense sports massage, the deep tissue massage technique combines muscle specific standard trigger point therapy and stretching.

If you’re looking for more of a warm-up massage and don’t want to go too deep, consider trying a Swedish massage. Often, this type of massage is performed prior to something a little more vigorous and deep. If you want to try something a little more stimulating, you should probably shoot for a lymphatic massage, which includes a stimulation of specific lymphatic-drainage pathways, which improve your body’s ability to remove edemas and effusion.

Massage for Rehabilitation

Soft tissue techniques used by a licensed sports massage therapist are effective for pain management and healing in both acute and chronic injuries. Muscle strengthening exercises are also essential for rehabilitation. Isn’t it time you added this beneficial step to your workout routine? It might just help you stick to your exercise routine.