Synergetic Myofascial Therapy

Tom is certified in a type of massage called Synergetic Myofascial Therapy. Basically it is similar to Structural Integration which was developed by Ida Rolf which is also known as “Rolfing”. It is a combination of myofascial and deep tissue massage techniques that utilize movement or stretch of the body part being worked on in order to facilitate a more effective release of taut fascia and muscle.

This is not a relaxing type of massage and the typical session goes as follows: Postural and physical assessment techniques are used to get a better understanding of poor postural patterns and to help decide which area of the body to work on.

There is little or no lotion used in order to get a deeper penetration of the tissue. There is active participation of the client such as slowly moving an arm or leg as you work and there is also stretching involved. Since the work is performed on a table and on top of the sheets the client wears shorts or boxers (men) and the ladies wear shorts, tube top, sports bra, swim suit. This way the client is not exposed.

Athletes and weekend warriors love this type of massage and also clients with problem area that like a deeper massage and for chronic problem areas and tight spots to be worked on.

Come try it out and see how effective it is!

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