TMJ Massage

Relief on Demand: Conquer TMJ with Expert Care

Did you know that around 10 million people suffer from TMJ syndrome? It’s true. And doctors have been working for decades to find ways to help patients who suffer with chronic TMJ syndrome. And one of those things happens to be Massage Therapy!

As it turns out, most of the pain associated with your temporomandibular joint, (which is located on either side of your head, about where the skull and your lower jawbone intersect) can be treated with just a little TLC from a licensed massage therapist.

Some people clench their teeth because of pain from arthritis and others find themselves clenching their teeth when they’re in a stressful situation or even in their sleep!

Massage therapy not only works against arthritis and other kinds of chronic pain but also helps reduce the stress that may be causing the pain in your jaw.

Are you suffering from chronic TMJ syndrome? Give us a call today for more information about how we can help you find a solution that works for you.

TMJ massage is a very sought after modality. We are very fortunate at Birmingham Massage Couple to have not only one but three therapists who are nationally certified in TMJ massage in Jane, Niya, and Kerri. You will be in great hands with any of them.
Also did you know that we now offer 10 minutes of TMJ work as an add on to your regular massage. So if you book a 60 minute regular massage you can now purchase 10 minutes of TMJ work in the massage. This does not add 10 minutes to the length of the massage but 10 minutes of the massage will be specific TMJ work! A great way to try it out!
A 30 minutes TMJ massage is only $50. A 60 minute TMJ massage is only $85. If you choose the 10 minute add on it is only $15. Try one today!

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30 minutes$55
60 minutes$85

Give the Gift of Health!

Looking for a Gift? Give the Gift of Health!

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Isn’t it your turn? Book your appointment today!

Isn’t it your turn? Book your appointment today!