Integrated Manual Therapy

Ready for a magic hands? Unleash the Power of Integrated Manual Therapy

The goal of Integrated Manual Therapy is different from the goal of massage therapy. For many massage therapists, massage therapy is geared towards promoting physical and mental relaxation. For bodywork practitioners, such as Tom manual therapy has a different goal- to reduce pain and improve physical function.

We will integrate cutting edge and the latest scientific practices in bodywork (manual therapy), stretching, exercise science, functional and movement education, osteopathic techniques & joint mobilization techniques.
Integrated Manual Therapy approaches healing from both a structural perspective and a functional methodology. This means Tom will address the pain, dysfunction, disease, and disability by seeking the causes of these challenges. Only after causes are found and treated can the potential for improved function re-emerge.
To illustrate this important point, Tom will not just treat your symptoms like the typical massage therapist does. For instance, if you present with low back pain Tom will not just rub your back like other therapists hoping that will relieve your pain. Tom will take a thorough assessment before your session begins and look for common strain patterns. Your low back pain can be coming from tight hip flexors, hips being out of alignment, leg length discrepancies, sacral torsion, lower crossed syndrome, etc. There could be many causes of low back pain and Tom will look for the cause of the pain and treat the cause of the pain and not just the symptoms. After improving joint restrictions and joint mobility Tom might stretch the affected area and give you correctional exercises to help with your flexibility and movement issues.
Tom has studied with the leaders in the massage and bodywork industry. He is nationally certified in Structural Integration (Magnus Ecklund), a Master Myoskeletal Therapist (Erik Dalton), certified in Active Isolated Stretching (Aaron Mattes), and has studied extensively in Orthopedic Massage (James Waslaski) and Physiokinetix (Paul Kelly), and is a certified personal trainer (NASM).
Tom will combine techniques from all of these modalities to custom fit your session. Male clients will wear shorts, female clients will wear shorts and a sports bra. Most work is done on top of the sheets and little to no lotion is used.

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30 minutes$55
60 minutes$100
75 minutes$125
90 minutes$150

Give the Gift of Health!

Looking for a Gift? Give the Gift of Health!

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