Couples Massage

Getting a massage is known to relax your muscles, boost your immune system, reduce stress and even improve circulation.

But what if you could have all of that, plus experience ultimate comfort, luxury, and relaxation with your spouse, loved one, or a friend?

At Birmingham Massage Couple, we make this possible with our Couples Massage. They’ll be able to accomplish two goals at once: Quality time together and a unique massage experience that is tailored to each person. They can emerge relaxed, refreshed and reconnected to one another.

When a couple has a massage together, it becomes a shared experience that encourages them to bond closer together than ever before. Whether they use the time to relax in comfortable silence or use the session as a catch-up time, couples will emerge feeling much more closely bonded and wonderfully relaxed.

Book your couples massage today and give it a try for yourself.

We offer the absolute best prices in town for a couples massage. You will not find a better price plus we offer a complimentary glass of wine to help you relax before your massage.
Come experience what Birmingham is talking about!
A 60 minute couples massage is only $170 ($85 a person) a 90 minute couples massage is only $250. Would you like Hot Stones in addition to your couples massage? You can get it for only an extra $35 per person. The ultimate in relaxation!

Couples Massage 2



60 minutes$170
90 minutes$250
Hot Stones$35 per person

Give the Gift of Health!

Looking for a Gift? Give the Gift of Health!

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Isn’t it your turn? Book your appointment today!

Isn’t it your turn? Book your appointment today!