Fascia Blasting

Fascia Blasting is a new way to improve your overall health and body image by relaxing the fascia tissue in your body. By freeing up fascia adhesions, you could experience improved flexibility, reduced cellulite, and the relief of some symptoms related to chronic issues.

WHat is fascia?

As we learn more about how the human body moves, it is becoming apparent that restricted fascia can lead to joint diseases, impaired movement, and decreased blood flow. All of these conditions can lead to pain or discomfort. But what exactly is fascia? To put it simply, fascia is connective tissue. It’s an interwoven network of fibrous tissue that is found all over the human body. Its role is to support and protect individual muscle groups and organs. Fascial adhesions and distortions may cause poor blood circulation, limited flexibility, and a whole list of other physical issues.

Fascia and Cellulite

Fascia connects almost every part of our bodies. In fact, it can be directly related to those annoying dimples we usually refer to as “cellulite”. When fascia becomes adhesed it tends to pull skin inward. As fat pushes through the fascia, it can create these dents or dimples. The FasciaBlaster is specially designed to break up these fascial adhesions that can lead to cellulite. Give us a call to learn more about our FasciaBlaster treatments and schedule your next appointment.

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