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If you are hurting or need an appointment quickly please call Cheryl at 381-1645. If she doesn’t answer please call Tom at 529-1516 to book an appointment. Our online scheduler requires a minimum 24 hour notice to schedule appointments. So it might show us unavailable when in reality we might have some availability especially now with our additional therapists. Please note…When booking an appointment online please include either your cell phone number or your email address so that we can send you a reminder email or text before your appointment.

To book an appointment just click on the ‘book appointment’ button below. You then pick the type of service you would like such as couples massage, Fasciablaster session etc. Then you choose the provider either Cheryl, Tom, Brenda, or Kerri. After that you choose a day and then check to see if the provider is available at the day and time that you want. If they are then click “book appointment” and you are set! To book a couples massage click “couples massage” and then the length (60 or 90 minutes) and be sure that BOTH therapists are available for the time slot that you are looking for. Cheryl’s schedule is usually pretty full.

If you would like to book a couples massage with Tom and Cheryl you should probably try to book it at least two weeks early. If you would like a couples massage and can’t wait that long please schedule it with Tom and another one of our fine female therapists who might be available for the time slot that you prefer and of course you can schedule a couple’s massage with two females also.

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