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Schedule a Massage Therapy Appointment

If you are hurting or need an appointment quickly please call Tom at 205-529-1516. If he doesn’t answer please leave a voicemail or call Cheryl at 205-381-1645.

Booking Appointments:

  • Minimum notice: Now offering same day appointments. After 9:00 you can book your appointment online as long as we have 2-3 hours notice. 
  • Phone: 205-529-1516 (may not be answered due to appointments). Leave a voicemail; calls returned in order.
  • Prepayment required: Same day cancellations result in a cancellation of $45 per client. No call no show results in full charge. If you cancel prior to the day of the massage your prepayment will be applied as a credit on your account. If you would like a refund please call Tom for a refund.

Booking Online:

  1. Choose your service of preference (couples massage, FasciaBlaster, etc.).
  2. Select your preferred therapist (profiles available here).
  3. Pick date and check therapist availability.
  4. Book appointment (couples massage require
  5. When booking a couples massage our software will not allow you to choose both therapists. You book one couples massage and choose one therapist. When the couples massage has been booked Tom will receive an email that the couples massage has been booked and then he will put a second therapist on the couples massage so that you will have two therapists.

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