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It is easy to see why we are Birmingham’s first choice for both individual and couples massage. We offer quality massage at the most affordable price in town. Please compare our prices with any spa or massage chain in town. Plus when your pay for a full hour you get a 60 minute massage not 50 minutes like they do at the spas and chains!..


****New Offering**** If you are suffering from pain be it chronic low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder issues, limited range of motion problems etc please check out our new Pain Relief offering.
This is a service only provided by Tom and it is designed for people who want pain relief and not just a relaxation massage. Tom is a certified Structural Integrator and will use a combination of Structural Integration, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, and Active Isolated Stretching to help reduce your symptoms. The client is actively involved in this work so think of it as a cross between massage, Chiropractic (without the thrusting, and Physical Therapy. Men are to bring shorts and women bring a sports bra and shorts.
You will not find Structural Integration from a certified Structural Integrator at a better price! Pain Relief massage is not available during a couples massage.

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My husband and I had a couples massage today! It was wonderful! The Massage Therapist were very professional and we both enjoyed our massages. We will be returning! Thanks for Excellent Service!
Lashondreia Grant
Lashondreia G.
01:58 18 Sep 22
They give wonderful massages!!! Don’t wait book yours NOW!
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth K.
19:57 15 Sep 22
A hidden gem. Less than I would spend at a spa but same quality massage.
Keldrin Palmer
Keldrin P.
12:54 13 Sep 22
I really enjoyed this experience. They make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the doors. You definitely get the time that you purchased and the massage therapist gets an A+. My room was clean and comfy the ambience was perfect and the massage was beyond my expectations. I definitely left relaxed and rejuvenated.
Jarrell Wade
Jarrell W.
15:09 12 Sep 22
Great deals and certainly will return in the future!
Angi B
Angi B
17:51 28 Aug 22
Had a great session with Tom using his Structural Integration technique. He is very knowledgeable and I felt he helped my hip problem. In fact I am at the Grand Canyon hiking with no pain. Received $10 off due to being retired Air Force. Thanks again Tom.
Paul Zuckerman
Paul Z.
22:49 08 Aug 22
Wonderful massage, it was very therapeutic! Mason addressed the areas that I was having trouble with and made a huge difference. Definitely will be back! I highly recommend him and the clinic
14:54 02 Aug 22
So this place is a little hard to find but definitely a hidden gem. My massage was with Donovan and he was great! I felt comfortable, relaxed, and most of all the back pain I walked in with was completely gone! Friendly, great customer service, and price was very reasonable!
Denesha Bluford
Denesha B.
01:49 23 Jul 22
Wife and I had an appointment with Tonya and Donovan and they were very professional, the atmosphere was very relaxing. Our first but definitely not our last, we loved it!
Brandon Bowman
Brandon B.
03:51 26 Jun 22
I had been looking around all of Birmingham for a couples massage to give to my girlfriend Sara for quite a while, and came across Birmingham Massage Couple. The more affordable price compared to others in the Birmingham area is what attracted me the most, and once we finally had our massage, it was even better than expected. We both had such a great time and such a relaxing massage. Definitely recommend them and can't wait until we can go back!
Jason OBrien
Jason O.
13:50 24 Jun 22
Melissa Payne
Melissa P.
19:43 22 Jun 22
Our first couples massage at this location but not our last! Love the calming quiet and totally relaxing atmosphere. Even though it was a couples massage it was like I was alone. Tonya worked wonders especially for my mid-back but the whole massage was excellent. My husband has some shoulder issues do Mason provided extra attention for that. We really enjoyed ourselves and after the past two years this certainly helped reduce our stress levels.
Teresa Horton
Teresa H.
21:28 17 Jun 22
asexy bama
asexy B.
12:55 15 Jun 22
Very friendly staff and one of the best massages I’ve ever had! We will definitely be back!
Jenna Lyle
Jenna L.
02:26 14 Jun 22
My boyfriend and I had our first couples massage and it was amazing. We both felt so relaxed and refreshed by the end. Tonya and Kerri were very professional and did an amazing job. We will definitely be back!
Makayla Earnest
Makayla E.
14:39 13 Jun 22
My husband and I were excited to be able to book a couples massage the day before we actually got the massage. We have no regrets!! Reasonable price!! Donovan and Angeline were professional, friendly, and made us feel comfortable. The facility was very clean and the atmosphere was very relaxing. They offered wine and ask us our needs and did not disappointment. My husband and I can’t wait to visit again.
Quartisha Williams
Quartisha W.
18:18 20 May 22
Very professional! Great massage!
David Lambert
David L.
02:07 16 May 22
Andre was very thorough. He explained about benefits of massage directly related to my issues but other items like the importance of stretching before I begin my exercise routine. It was a very nice experience.
Tricia Beard
Tricia B.
18:34 13 May 22
Jessica Wood
Jessica W.
17:02 12 May 22
My husband and I really enjoyed our massages here! They were very kind and the massages were great.
Rylee Henrie
Rylee H.
19:44 11 May 22
Andre’ was awesome! He was very professional and patient with me throughout the entire massage. My normal early morning back pain was non-existent the next morning. I would give him 10 stars if I could. 😁
Erika Madison-Woods
Erika M.
18:14 11 May 22
We really enjoyed our massage & look forward to our next appointment. I personally have felt more energetic and relaxed after having the massage. The environment was so soothing as well.
00:20 07 May 22
Professional and skilled with pleasant, relaxing ambience.
Larry Myers
Larry M.
00:40 30 Apr 22
Good experience
Cadaeja Nelson
Cadaeja N.
01:59 29 Apr 22
I absolutely loved my first experience here with my girlfriend! We found a place with slightly lower prices and slightly better quality than the other place we went to previously. Kerri is obviously very skilled in her craft, finding the right places to apply pressure and relax the muscles. She was also very attentive to any feedback I gave her to maximize the enjoyment of the massage. On top of that, she was just a fun person to talk to anyway, which definitely contributes to the relaxation and the quality of the massage. I definitely recommend her because she is awesome in every sense of the word! Two thumbs waaaay way up for Kerri! (^_^)
Devin Carden
Devin C.
23:05 27 Apr 22
"Me and my wife Christian had a great time for our annivary gift. The staff was very friendly and nice. The service was very good. The place have a friendly vibes. Willing to go back again".
Christian Knight
Christian K.
20:48 27 Apr 22
André was exceptional. He addressed my back problems and I left feeling much better.
Lance Moore
Lance M.
01:22 25 Apr 22
Exceptional service!
shemika ford
shemika F.
23:24 21 Apr 22
Shadae Ford
Shadae F.
23:07 21 Apr 22
My wife and I enjoyed Birmingham Massage Couple. It will be the place where we get our massage therapy. Brenda and Callie provided great service and will be our therapists of choice.
Matt Luetjen
Matt L.
10:41 20 Apr 22
Was very skeptical at first being my first time but BHM massage did not disappoint! The whole atmosphere was very calming and chill. Tonya and Angelina worked wonders for me and wife! We loved every minute of it and will definitely be coming back! By far the best massage place in the business. We got a full 60 minutes at a very good price. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a massage BHM massage couple is the place to go!
Cody Langford
Cody L.
02:19 12 Apr 22
Nita and Andre were absolutely amazing! They were so kind and professional, and we’re already planning our next visit! Thank you so so much!
Brianna Carlisle
Brianna C.
19:15 09 Apr 22
This place is a must! Greeted with a smile and made the whole experience perfect. My boyfriend was really impressed with his first ever massage. Brenda and Melissa were absolutely the best! We will definitely be back! Thank you for making our day so relaxing!
renee malboeuf
renee M.
18:45 03 Apr 22
Great experience!
Sarah Verser
Sarah V.
18:15 02 Apr 22
We had a couples massage with Angeline and André! Both felt relaxed and renewed after! Would recommend! Loved the attention to detail and working on problem areas discussed! Complementary wine also a plus!
Brittany Estes
Brittany E.
18:22 31 Mar 22
I brought my mom with me to get a couples massage and it was great. Tonya and Angeline were amazing! They made sure we were comfortable the whole time and they were both very professional. I definitely recommend to book with these sweet ladies.
cindy nunez
cindy N.
19:29 30 Mar 22
Tonya and Angeline are AMAZING!! I left more relaxed than I’ve ever been. Best massage I’ve ever gotten.
Danna M
Danna M
20:19 29 Mar 22
This place is absolutely amazing! My partner and I have been here twice now and can safely say that this is our place. We had Tonya and Donavon and they are pure magic. You'll leave feeling brand new ✨️
Kory Cox
Kory C.
15:57 29 Mar 22
Jaime Harris
Jaime H.
14:00 20 Mar 22
absolutely loved my experience with Andre + Niya <3
Natia Joy
Natia J.
22:46 15 Mar 22
Massage was awesome and relaxing....only complaint I had was u could briefly hear the conversation in the next room....but other than that a great homely experience and I will return!
Mary White
Mary W.
19:56 15 Mar 22
One word "phenomenal" .Andre and Brittany A gave my friend and I full body reset. They told me their body hasn't felt this relaxed since they were a kid. We left feeling like we were on a cloud without a care in the world. We can't wait to come back. They took care of problems in our body we didnt know we had. The owner Tom was very accommodating also and made sure we had whatever we needed. This place is a Birmingham jewel that doesn't break the pockets.
Queneithia Eason
Queneithia E.
04:34 12 Mar 22
The technique was amazing and the glass of wine before hand was a nice touch. Room could have been a little warmer and the CD messed up a few times, but overall a great experience. By far, the best professional massage I've ever had.
Arwen Storey
Arwen S.
20:36 28 Feb 22
Cody Walker
Cody W.
00:19 28 Feb 22
Tina Norris
Tina N.
21:03 27 Feb 22
my husband and I had our first couples massage with brenda and kallie. it was amazing. it was on feb 16th and my husband still feels relaxed.
Cynthia Aldridge
Cynthia A.
22:03 26 Feb 22
My husband and I went with another couple to get couples massages on 2/19/22. My husband and I had Andre and Kerri. There aren't words to describe just how wonderful they were! We both agreed that it was the best massage we have ever had and we have had a lot of them! They really worked on the areas we had the most issues with. Would recommend them to anyone! Thanks so much for a great massage! Hope to be back in Birmingham again for another one!!
Paige Mead
Paige M.
19:44 23 Feb 22
Andre helped me out a lot with a sore back. He knows his stuff and did some great work.
Austin Milster
Austin M.
03:10 23 Feb 22
Amazing experience. My husband and I had a couples massage and it was great. They offer different types of massages based on your needs-deep tissue, Swedish etc. Highly recommend.
Diana Toth
Diana T.
16:35 22 Feb 22
Very professional! The massage was amazing I fell asleep and woke up feeling like a new person.
Jamilah Al-Essa
Jamilah A.
05:34 22 Feb 22
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