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It is easy to see why we are Birmingham’s first choice for both individual and couples massage. We offer quality massage at the most affordable price in town. Please compare our prices with any spa or massage chain in town. Plus when your pay for a full hour you get a 60 minute massage not 50 minutes like they do at the spas and chains!..


****New Offering–Integrated Manual Therapy****   If you are suffering from pain be it chronic low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder issues, limited range of motion problems etc please check out our new Integrated Manual Therapy offering.
This is a service only provided by Tom and it is designed for people who want pain relief and not just a relaxation massage. Tom is a certified Structural Integrator and a certified personal trainer and will use a combination of Structural Integration, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Active Isolated Stretching, functional movement, and corrective exercises to help reduce your symptoms. The client is actively involved in this work so think of it as a cross between massage, Chiropractic (without the thrusting, and Physical Therapy. Men are to bring shorts and women bring a sports bra and shorts.
You will not find Integrated Manual Therapy from a certified Structural Integrator at a better price! Tom will partner with you to help you with your relief. Not a lay there relaxation massage. Pain Relief massage is not available during a couples massage. There is a $10 discount off of your first session. For more info call Tom at 205-529-1516.

*** Sale ***

For a limited time enjoy a discount of $10 on Integrated Manual Therapy!

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My husband and I had a couples massage by Jane and Mason. It was excellent! The building is a little hard to find but everything else was great! Both Jane and Mason were kind, professional, and very receptive to what areas we asked them to focus on. Highly recommend!
Ginger Miller
Ginger M.
02:20 23 Feb 24
My boyfriend and I visited to do their couples massage. This was his first massage ever and it had been 5+ years since I had one. Let’s just say Mason and Lori did not disappoint! They made us feel welcomed and super comfortable and did wonders with their hands. Very relaxing environment — I will have to add aromatherapy next time to truly make the ambiance perfect. My boyfriend was specifically having some neck issues and he couldn’t stop talking about how much better it felt after. Highly recommend and we will definitely be back!
Imani Faith, PA-S
Imani Faith, P.
02:59 21 Feb 24
My wife and I had our first massage and will definitely be back!
Hunter Ragland
Hunter R.
21:44 17 Feb 24
This place was WONDERFUL.
Jessica Washington
Jessica W.
04:33 12 Feb 24
Doris Cruz
Doris C.
23:55 11 Feb 24
My boyfriend and I came here for our first couples massage. Jane and Donovan took care of us and they were both fantastic! The atmosphere was welcoming and the massages were great. Would definitely recommend!!
Dessy bug
Dessy B.
22:09 10 Feb 24
I had an awesome experience. If this is your first time call to find the building because, I got lost. The facility was clean and gave you a cozy feeling. The staff welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. The massage room and waiting are look a bit dated but that won't stop me from returning. I enjoyed my experience! Donovan performed my massage and was professional, polite and made the experience enjoyable. I will definitely be back!
Erical D. Booker
Erical D. B.
12:13 02 Feb 24
Recently got a couples massage and this was the BEST EXPERIENCE!!! They were so welcoming and sweet! The ambiance was lovely!! The massage itself… was SUPERB!!! Also my fiancés first massage and he enjoyed EVERY SECOND!!! You have two regulars on your hands!!! Thank you guys so much!! This was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!
Phillandria Brown
Phillandria B.
00:40 20 Jan 24
Our experience at Birmingham massage couple was phenomenal we feel so good and relaxed I love how they asked what part of the body we would like for them to focus on that was my first time and I enjoyed it I definitely recommend! Ask for Jane & Lori
oriana hall
oriana H.
21:55 19 Jan 24
I made an appointment with Erin at the recommendation of a friend. Erin gives super thorough deep tissue massage - I had a terrible kink in my neck and I felt so much better afterwards! Highly recommend.
Zoë Penko
Zoë P.
18:46 17 Jan 24
Brenda explained everything and made me feel comfortable. The massage was amazing. 10 out of 10!
Alexis Gray
Alexis G.
10:47 10 Jan 24
I had some muscle pain and needed a same-day appointment. Tom went the extra mile to get me in with a massage therapist that day. Lori gave me a great massage which helped to relieve the pain. Very professional with a genuine desire to help!
Melanie Metz
Melanie M.
23:59 09 Jan 24
My experience at Birmingham Massage Couple was PHENOMENAL. Jane G. and Mason were our massage therapists for a couples massage. They asked about our problem areas and preferences and ensured they worked our requests into the session. It was clear that they were very knowledgable about anatomy and how to effectively release muscle tension/knots. Both of them provided a welcoming, safe and respectful environment for healing and relaxation. The glass of wine to start was such a nice touch too, definitely a cherry on top of a wonderful massage. I will absolutely be back.
Victoria Badia
Victoria B.
00:58 04 Jan 24
Reed and Kerri don't owe us anything!!! We are just everything about our services today... Thank you so much!
JoLeithea Griffin
JoLeithea G.
20:43 30 Dec 23
While I’ve had professional massages for many years, this was our first couples massage. Callie and Mason made it a great experience! Definitely recommend and we will be back!
Amber Polk
Amber P.
04:29 29 Dec 23
Niya & Velma did our couple massages on Dec 16, 2023. They are both sweet, professional, and very gifted with their hands! Me and my husband both enjoyed every moment of the experience! We will definitely be making that 2hr drive again for more massages from them!
Tashara Todd
Tashara T.
13:44 22 Dec 23
Anniversary gift. My husband and I just had our couples massage. We will definitely be back. Lori and Donovan took excellent care of us. Both very professional and great at what they do!! Highly recommended!!
Jamie Johnson
Jamie J.
01:37 20 Dec 23
I had such a wonderful experience here as my first massage ever. I had the hot stones with aroma therapy and it was HEAVENLY!! Highly recommend, anyone here would do an amazing job. They were all so nice and professional.
Hannah Salser
Hannah S.
01:35 16 Dec 23
We love Birmingham Massage Couple! We've been going there for several years now and each time we are very satisfied with the quality, hospitality and affordability. We like the cozy space and have felt the whole experience is much more personal than at spas around town. Thank you, Birmingham Massage Couple!
Caroline Baker
Caroline B.
17:00 20 Nov 23
My wife and I came here on our anniversary for a couples massage. We are both travel nurses so we have had several massages in different cities and we agreed that this was one of best. Jane and Donovan did a great job and I would highly recommend paying them a visit!
Brandon Maltba
Brandon M.
15:20 18 Nov 23
I went in with so much stiffness and soreness and got so much relief! Highly recommend! Lori was good at listening to what I needed and then acted on it.
Linda Sears
Linda S.
14:42 16 Nov 23
Very friendly and accommodating and professional.
Caleb Hecox
Caleb H.
12:38 09 Nov 23
this was my first time going we did a couple massage . We loved it 10/10 definitely would recommend going ,you will feel like a new person
Liyah Miya
Liyah M.
23:53 08 Nov 23
Brittney P
Brittney P
22:35 05 Nov 23
Booked a couples massage with my wife. 1st massage I've gotten. Wasn't sure what to expect but enjoyed it! Will be back. Thanks Mason and Jane!
joe koehn
joe K.
13:39 01 Nov 23
My husband and I got a couples massage for our anniversary and it was absolutely perfect. The therapists made us comfortable, were very inviting, warm and friendly. And were very good! The environment was cozy and clean. We will definitely be back and we recommend this place to everyone
Jacey Austin
Jacey A.
16:00 30 Oct 23
I booked my wife and I a couples massage for our anniversary, and this was our first time going to Birmingham Massage Couple. I'm happy to say that we will definitely be back.My wife got Tom and I got Jane, and both were excellent. Both were very friendly and personable, while still being very professional. As soon as the massage was over my wife looked at me and said "definitely the best massage I've ever had", and I absolutely agree.
Connor Orton
Connor O.
20:22 21 Oct 23
Tom made it easy to book the right massage for me and Brenda G gave me one of the best deep tissue massages that I have ever had.
Kevin Archer
Kevin A.
15:44 12 Oct 23
I spoke with Tom several times before my couples massage. He was so nice and easy to work with, and his response time was almost immediate. Kerri and Reed did our couples massage and both were great! We’ll definitely be repeat customers. Thanks!
Kaitlyn Kappus
Kaitlyn K.
13:58 02 Oct 23
I called Birmingham Massage Couple because I woke up one morning sore and unable to turn my neck. I saw the ratings were good and they were available on the weekends and later hours than most places. I have a few injuries in my neck, shoulder/rotator and ankle so I have to be careful where I go to get a massage. I called and asked for some advice about who may have experience with injuries. Tom was very helpful and told me he was booked up on the day I wanted an appointment but Lori would be able to help. Lori did a great job! After my massage I could immediately feel a difference. I was able to move my neck and felt much better. After my appointment, Tom took time to talk with me to see how he can also help me get mobility with my ankle injury at a future date. I appreciated him make a point to talk to me in between his other appointments. I will be going back!
maria Garrett
maria G.
04:17 30 Sep 23
I highly recommend this place to any and everyone. My husband and I did the couples massage. They were really friendly, used great smelling essential oils, gave us complimentary wine to drink, very professional staff members here, and play soothing relaxing music that can almost make you fall asleep 😴 😀
Stephanie Fisher
Stephanie F.
14:15 17 Sep 23
Micah Dempsey
Micah D.
05:22 17 Sep 23
Jane & Reed were absolutely fantastic! Would highly recommend them!
Sergei Kilic
Sergei K.
22:41 16 Sep 23
I have been seeing Tom for some flexibility issues in my hips and trigger points in my shoulder/back area. All I can say is Tom is AWESOME at what he does! I can tell a BIG difference already! Tom has some great training and knowledge that can definitely help you. I looked for some time to get some help with these issues that originated from a work injury. All the PT I did for these injuries (after 2 surgeries) knotted up my back and shoulders. Tom's work has helped my back and shoulders tremendously (also my tight hip area due to sitting long periods)!!! I highly recommend them (especially Tom) to anyone! The other staff that I have met there have all been very nice. Go see them!
Curt McCune
Curt M.
05:24 16 Sep 23
Lashanta Webb
Lashanta W.
16:50 13 Sep 23
I enjoyed my time here! It was so nice and welcoming. Made sure they knew our problem areas and accommodated us so well.
Storm York
Storm Y.
19:10 02 Sep 23
Brenda is the best. I had a 90 minute deep tissue massage and it completely helped my neck and my lower back. She’s very strong and very knowledgeable about muscles. She even gave me some exercises to help. Above and beyond
Drinda Krejci
Drinda K.
22:03 25 Aug 23
Best experience. Brenda gave a great deep tissue massage. Definitely recommended.
Cayci Mcinish
Cayci M.
15:25 20 Aug 23
Erin did a great job yesterday thanks
Daniel Steel
Daniel S.
15:18 20 Aug 23
I brought my fiancé here for his birthday for a couples massage and he thoroughly enjoyed. So much to the point he fell asleep during his massage! I also enjoyed my massage. The young woman and young man who did or massage were very friendly and professional. Overall, the environment was relaxing and welcoming. We will definitely be returning!
Sierra and Stephen Chase
Sierra and Stephen C.
16:34 10 Aug 23
Lori was great ! Highly recommend this place !
12:15 08 Aug 23
Booked a couples massage with Donovan & Erin. The booking process was simple, room set up was relaxing, and the massage itself was heavenly. We will definitely be back!
Alex Holloway
Alex H.
20:56 04 Aug 23
After years of massage and chiropractic care I am shocked at the difference Tom was able to make in just the first visit. Literally melted away an issue I have had for 15 years or more! As a mid-50's part-time athlete I am in constant need of realignment, and Tom is a master at this! Highly recommended, especially for athletes and weekend warriors who need help keeping your body in the right condition to stay in the game!
Rod Landers
Rod L.
17:10 01 Aug 23
I personally LOVED 🥰 my experience with BMC. My husband and I booked that morning, and were so thankful they had an opening. We loved that it was in the Hospital District. We were a little confused as to what door to enter and wound up circling the building before our appointment but we managed to figure it out. You go down the stairs and the suite is accessed from the second floor, down the stairs to the first floor. I LOVED my massage- I was clear that I wanted a sports massage. My husband wanted Swedish, unfortunately the pressure was not firm enough…. I advised him to start speaking up for himself. Always tell your massage therapist more or less pressure, and always tell themIf you are too hot or cold. Never settle. You’re paying for a service, make your requests and they will happily accommodate. I give a 5Star review, my husband however was disappointed…. He gives 2 stars. But it’s all a learning process. All in all- price and service was INCREDIBLE , highly recommend!
Ingrid Taft
Ingrid T.
04:09 01 Aug 23
My visit at Birmingham Massage Couple was just about perfect. I would recommend Birmingham Massage Couple and my massage therapist Jane to everyone.A friendly environment with sociable customers and a very pleasant and helpful staff. The place was spotlessly clean. The massage room was well appointed and comfortable.Jane was my massage therapist. I have had some great massages over the years but Jane's may have been the best ever. She took time to ask me what type of massage I preferred. She asked about where I may be experiencing pain or tightness. She asked about previous injuries of other known problem. She listened and adjusted immediately if she was using a pressure level other that what I preferred. She worked on a place in my upper back where I was complaining of pain and stiffness. When she started working on that area she used strong pressure about which I whined a little. She let up on the pressure a little to let me adjust to what she was doing then when I told her I was ok with it she used enough pressure that it hurt a little but I could already feel the tension in that area relaxing.Overall her worked was just about perfect. When I left the shop I found that I was having new pain in my lower back which resolved completely overnight. The next day the pain in my upper back was gone. I felt generally much less stressed. I had been feeling achy all over and that was gone the next day. My upper back had been tense and hurting for a couple of weeks which was already significantly better right away but the next day it was gone completely and stayed gone.If you want a high quality massage in a clean, comfortable, friendly environment I suggest you get to Birmingham Massage Couple and ask for Jane immediately.
Clarence Merritt
Clarence M.
22:55 29 Jul 23
Wonderful massage! The therapist was professional and listened to what I wanted to focus on in the massage. Also- Easy to book last minute which is great with my work schedule.
Jordain Boland
Jordain B.
14:19 24 Jul 23
I really enjoyed my service here at Birmingham Massage Couple. I had a sweet, young girl that did my massage and she made feel very well relaxed. I will be coming back here soon!
Daysha Meadows
Daysha M.
02:19 20 Jul 23
I really enjoyed this place. It felt a bit creepy trying to find it because its at the top of a hill and it seems like nothing is there. Then walking into building and going down to the bottom floor. But believe me when I say it was well worth it. I do recommend this place to anyone looking for a really great massage. I had a deep tissue massage and it was everything. A little sore the next morning as expected but it was great.
Nicole Richardson
Nicole R.
14:22 19 Jul 23
This place is amazing. The atmosphere as well as the technicians were incredible. I recommend this place to anyone. Lucas12 L.
05:21 24 Jun 23
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